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SHARING METHODOLOGY. Would you like to experience and spread the values for social inclusion?
Community cultural development - Theater techniques and integrative arts for personal and social transformation and cultural expresion.
*All of our workshops are MULTILINGUAL - Currently we have language support in German, English and Spanish (other language supports depend on participants needs)

‪#‎COMMunication‬ 20. & 21. FEBRUARY 2016. Workshop/Seminar - IMPRO-INKLUSION: SPRACHEN LERNEN FÜR ALLE.


‘We are interested in communication between people; the formal aspects of a language can be acquired gradually through communicative exchanges’.

"Uns interessiert die zwischenmenschliche Kommunikation. Die formalen Kenntnisse einer Sprache erwirbt man im kommunikativen Austausch."

Read more ENGLISH ; Mehr info DEUTSCH ; Mas info  ESPAÑOL 


‪#‎COMMunity‬ 27. & 28. FEBRUARY 2016. Workshop/Seminar - NON-FORMAL EDUCATION AND SOCIAL CHANGE

"Learning from Don Quijote´s Experience. How to become change agents. Dream, connect, action, team work, creative process, transform."

Use of theater techniques and games in non-formal education contexts, that points out of some of the key stones in teaching-learning process in groups