WELCOME! English info

Improspañol Viena is an iniciative of a collective of people who are interested for social inclusion and cooperative learning proccess in community spaces. Our way of intervention and facilitation is through Improv and community arts.


Improspañol started in 2012 in Vienna, offering Improv Theater workshops in Spanish, for spanish-speakers and/or people who are in contact with the Spanish language (Impro-Ocio: Imagine and Play in Spanish). Also, we offer  worskshops  for people who are interested in use and improve their Spanish in a funny and original way of learning the language (Impro-Inclusion: Spanish for all).


For the last years in Vienna and other places (Linz, Innsbruck, Vorarlberg, Madrid, Valladolid, Santander, Bolivia, México...), the Improspañol Vienna seed has grown and has developed other branches: community cultural development, collective learning, cooperative group process and collective creative process (always with deep roots into the inclsuion values. We open multilingual spaces into interculutral contexts).


In 2016 we promoted concret and continue actions/activities/process for "Walking towars social inclusion" every month. All the collective creative processes could meet in July 2016 at the "Community theater for social inclusion Encounter".


Theater tecniques (Improv and Theater of the Oppressed) and group dynamics are our tools, that help us for listening, acepting, knowing, trusting, and to respect... all of them values for cooperation and building up collective creations. Improv has no script, it is an unique moment that emerge from play and imagination.

Whithin Improspañol we are continuously in transformation toward inclusion: respect for diversity and working for breaking our everyday exclusion barriers (access, active participation and learning). Thank for each person who participates the collective is modified and enriched. We grow up together: creating new ways of relation and mutual support.