Body in Action

Body in Action

Improvisation training course

by Philippe Spailier (Compagnie Caméleons)

This workshop should help you to believe that the first idea is the good one ... only because it is an idea! Your responsibility will be to believe in it and with patience you will make it grow to an interesting story.

The two equations of this improvisating style are simple and will be explained and trained by the trainees:

An idea + an action = a good start of improvisation.

A good start + concentration on my intern feelings/my body movements = an excellent toolbox to improvise.

At the end of this workshop, every trainee should be able to realize a speechless solo improvisation ... with pleasure!

More than telling a story, the trainer will help you to play it: don't say that you are happy, be happy. Don't say that you're a mouse. Be a mouse. Don't say what a tree do, act as a tree! That includes that players will have to create their own world, the invisible background that everyone sees. To achieve this goal, trainees will develop their mime and visual skills and consequently they will reduce their «time of speaking» (which is more a bla-bla-bla time).


Der Belgier Philippe Spailier ist seit 1998 Gründer und künstlerischer Leiter von der Companie «Caméléons». Er spielt seit Jahren Improtheater und ist auf vielen Bühnen im In-und Ausland zu sehen.

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Basic Fee: 90€-120€

The training course is for people with previous experience in Improvisation theater.

Language: English, German. Spanish support if needed. We work so that language is not a barrier of communication. We will focus on non-verbal and multilingual communitation.